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The smart way to manage your health.

HealthSavvi enables you to track, organize & remember various aspects of your health all in one place,
so you can better manage and take control of your health!



The best all-in-one health organizer yet! Your records, medications, vitals & appointments all in one place.



We use the most secure physical and virtual security policies known in the industry to protect your data.



Sync with our cloud and now your spouse on a different device can add, edit & view your entire family's health information.

Integrated With Walgreens

Refill your Prescription at over 8000+ Walgreens stores!

Never miss a dose of your medications.

Ever forget to take your medications? Can't remember if you took your pill or if you simply thought about taking it?

Well, worry no more! You can now create a color & shape-coded, visual, pillbox representation of all your medications for easier management & tracking of your meds

  • Set recurring reminders for medications & prescription refills
  • Track medications on an individual dosage basis
  • Have a list of all your current & past medications with you at all times
Manage appointments using android and iPhone app
Manage appointments using android and iPhone app

Digitize your medical folder.

Tired of carrying that bulky medical file folder to all your appointments? Can’t find that one medical record from your paper clutter that you need for your doctor’s appointment tomorrow?

You can digitize your medical folder by taking a picture of the record or importing documents from your email. You can now have real-time access to all your medical records.

  • Import records sent by your doctor’s office to your email
  • Turn your iPhone camera into a mini scanner for medical records
  • Email, print your records right from the app

Track those numbers.

Ever forget to take your self-test blood sugar readings to your doctor’s appointment? Having trouble finding the notepad to note down readings?

Say goodbye to scratch paper and say hello to the new way of tracking your numbers. Graphs can help you visualize how you’re doing and create PDF reports and email them to your doctor.

  • Pinch, zoom & pan the graph to view various timelines
  • Create PDF reports of values with embedded graphs
  • Track any one of 8 supported vitals types
Manage appointments using android and iPhone app